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1. be able to do能够做
After paying great efforts, he is able to speak English fluently.
2. be about to do正要做
As I was about to say, you interrupted me.
3. add… to…把……加……
If you add 5 to 5, you get ten.
If the tea is too strong, add some hot water.
This adds to our difficulties.
4. be afraid of 害怕
I was afraid of hurting her feelings.
5. go against反对
We don't agree with the proposal, because it goes against the law.
6. agree on达成一致
We agreed on an early start/making a early start.
We all agree on the terms.
7.agree to do同意做
My father has agreed to buy me a new computer.
8. agree with同意某人(或其想法、观点、认识等);与……相符
I don't agree with you on this point.
Your story agrees with what I had already heard.
The climate doesn't agree with me.
The mussels I had for lunch haven't agreed with me.
The verb agrees its subject in number and person.
9. be angry with对……生气
He was angry with himself for having made such a foolish mistake.
He was angry at being kept waiting.
10. be anxious about对……担心
I was anxious about my son's health.
11. apply for申请
I have applied to the Consul for the visa.
12. take sth. in one's arms把……抱在怀里
She took a bunch of roses in her arms.
13. take up arms拿起武器
We should take up our arms to defend our motherland.
14. arrive in/at a place达到某地
My brother will arrive in Beijing next Monday.
I arrive at the school every morning at a regular time.
15. ask (sb.) for sth.向(某人)要某物
You shouldn't ask your parents for money any more.
16. pay attention to对……注意
When you write an essay, you have several things to pay attention to.
17. be away from远离……
When you friend is in trouble, don't be away from him/her; instead, you should try your best to help.
18. go/run away逃跑
It's dangerous! Go/run away immediately.
19. beat… to death将……打死
He was nearly beat to death once after he was caught stealing.
20. go to bed上床休息
I was so tired that I went to bed earlier than before.
21. make the bed铺床
You are old enough to make the beds by yourself.
22. beg one's pardon请某人再说一遍
Sorry I didn't catch it. I beg your pardon.
23. begin… with以……开始
The party began with a cheerful song.
24. believe in信仰
In western countries, many people believe in God.
25. belong to属于
That Taiwan belongs to China should be unquestionable.
26. do one's best尽最大的努力
If you have done your best, then there's nothing to regret.
27. had better最好
You had better stop smoking.
28. blow away吹走
The wind blew the heat away.
29. take a boat乘船
I took a boat to go to the island in the center of the lake.
30. be born出生
He was born in a wealthy family.
31. break away from从……脱离,断绝关系
We won't say "Yes" to anyone's breaking away from our country.
Can't you break away from old habits?
32. break down(指计划、打算)破灭;(机器)坏了;(身体状况)变差
Our plans have broken down.
Negotiations between the two countries have broken down.
The engine broke down.
His health broke down after the death of his wife.
Sugar and starch are broken down in the stomach.
33. break into破门而入
His house was broken into last week.
34. break off 从中间打断
He broke off in the middle of a sentence.
Let's break off for an hour and have some tea.
The mast broke off.
35. break out(指战争、灾难、争吵等)突然爆发
A fire broke out during the night.
The quarrel broke out afresh.
36. break the rules违反规则
Everyone in the group mustn't break the rules.
37. break up击碎、驱散 终止 结束 分裂 分开 分手放学
The ship was breaking up on the rocks.
The gathering broke up in disorder.
The police broke up the crowd.
38. hold one's breath屏住呼吸
He held his breath and sneaked into his room.
39. bring down击落、打倒
A moment ago, we brought down a hostile aircraft.
We should bring down the tyrant.
40. bring in赚得、赢得(利润)
His farms bring (him) in $20000 a year.
The program brings in a new fashion.
41. bring on导致……结果
He was out all day in the rain and this brought on a bad cold.
The fine weather is bringing the crops on nicely.
The coach is bringing on some youngsters in the reserve team.
42. bring up抚养
She has brought up five children.
If children are badly brought up they behave badly.
43. build up建立;恢复(身体状况等)
He has built up a good business.
He went on holiday and soon built up his health.
44. burn…to the ground把……夷为平地
The Japanese invaders burnt the houses to the ground.
45. burn down烧光
The house was burnt down.
46. burst into laughter.突然爆发大笑
On seeing the amusing scene, she burst into laughter.
47. burst into tears突然大哭
She suddenly burst into tears.
48. be busy doing/with sth.忙于做某事
We are busy preparing for/with the exam.
49. call at (a place)拜访某地
I called at the tailor's a couple of days ago.
50. call back回电话
I will call back later.
51. call for到某地取东西;接人;要求;呼吁
A man calls every Monday for old newspapers.
I'll call for you at 6 o'clock.
The occasion calls for prompt action.
People all over the world call for peace.
52. call in请(医生)
Please call in a doctor at once.
53. call on拜访某人
My uncle called on me yesterday on his way home.
54. take care of照顾;负责
The nurse took good care of the patients.
Here, let me take care of the cleaning.
These are the devices that take care of the waste from the factory.
55. care for 担心、关心、想
My parents care for my safety when I travel by myself.
The elders should care for the younger generation.
Would you care for a game of table tennis?
56. carry off夺走(生命);取得(奖励等)
The terrible war carried off her father's life.
Tom carried off all the school prizes.
57. carry on进行
The discussion carried on after a short break.
58. carry out实施
The plan has to be carried out as soon as possible.
59. catch fire起火
This material is easy to catch fire. Be careful.
60. catch up with赶上
I have to study even harder than before in order to catch up with my peers.
61. change…for把……换成
The shirt is too big. Can I change for another one.
62. change…into把……变成
He changed into his working clothes when he began to work.
63. change one's mind改变主意
I persuaded him to change his mind.
64. check out核对,检查
Would you help me to check out the names and numbers.
He checked out and left the hotel.
65. clear away收拾,整理
Please help me to clear away the tea things.
66. clear up(指天)晴朗;清理
The weather/sky is clearing up.
Clear up the desk before you leave the office.
67. catch/take cold; have a cold感冒
He was absent because he caught cold last night.
68. come about产生……结果
How does it come about half of the class are absent?
69. come across碰巧遇到;突然想起
I came across this old brooch in a curio shop.
The thought came across my mind that we …
70. come back回想起来
Their names are all coming back to me now.
71. come down(指雨)下得很大;(指气温)下降
The rain came down in bucketfuls.
The temperature came down suddenly.
72. come from来自
Much of the butter in England comes from New Zealand.
73. come off脱落
The button has come off my coat.
74. come on加油
Come on! Let's race to the bottom of the hill.
75. come out出现;(指花)开放;
The stars come out.
The flowers are coming out.
When will his new book come out?
76. come to(指数字)达到
The total number of people who attended the conference came to 1000.
77. come true(指梦想)实现
I hope that my dream will come true one day in the future.
78. come up 上升; 出现; 讨论
He came up the hard way.
The question hasn't come up yet.
79. compare with与……比较
Compared with education in western countries, China has her own special features.
80. compare to把……比作
Teachers are sometimes compared to candles.
81. connect to 与……联系
It's a railway that connects Beijing to Shenzhen.
82. connect with与……联接
Where does cooker connect with the gas-pipe?
83. be considered as被认为是
She is considered as the best teacher in our school.
84. consider doing sth.考虑做……
I'm considering moving abroad.
85. be covered with被……覆盖
The ground was covered with heavy snow.
86. cut down砍倒
Don't cut down the young trees.
87. cut off砍掉;截断
Don't cut your fingers off!
The enemy had cut off our food supply.
89. cut up切碎
I'll cut up the meat.
90. date from起始于
The temple dates from over a thousand years ago.
91. deal with处理;对付;相处;涉及
How do you deal with the difficulties?
The man is hard to deal with.
The book deals with health problems.
92. do a good deed做好事
During his lifetime, Lei Feng had done many good deeds.
93. depend on取决于;信任
Whether we go to park this weekend depends on the weather.
You can always depend on Jim, for he is an honest man.
It depends on you. Any time is all right for me.
94. devote to把(时间、精力等)专注于……
Mary Curio devoted all her life to the research of radiation matters,
95. die of死于
He dies of a disease.
96. die out绝种
Many old customs are gradually dying out.
97. be different from与……不同
The picture on the right is different from the one on the left.
98. divide up把……分开
We divided the money up equally.
How shall we divide the work up?
99. divide into把……分成(几部分)
The house was divided into two parts.
100. do sb. a favor给某人帮忙
Would you do me a favor?
101. do well in在……方面表现好
He did well in maths when he was in high school.
102. do wrong犯错误,犯罪
He was sentenced three years for his doing wrong.
103. dream of梦想
I am always dreaming of traveling around the world.
104. drop in顺路拜访
Some friends dropped in to tea.
105. earn one's living挣钱维持生计
She earned her living by writing.
106. eat up吃光
He was so hungry that he ate up all the food on the table.
107. have an effect on对……有影响
Her childhood life had a great effect on her later life.
108. end up结束(一般是不太好的结果)
If you continue stealing you will end up in prison.
109. fall asleep入睡
He was so tired that he fell asleep very soon.
110. fall behind落后
He always falls behind when we're going uphill.
111. fall down摔倒
Babies often fall down when they are learning to walk.
The basket is full of eggs -don't let it fall down.
112. fall ill生病
He has fallen ill.
113. fall in love with与……相爱
He fell in love with an actress.
114. fall off从……摔下
The daily number of passengers by this line shows a slight falling off.
The naughty boy fell off the tree when he reached the bird nest.
115. fall over摔入
He fell over into the water and broke his legs.
116. fall to pieces摔成碎片
The window was broken and fell to pieces.
117. be familiar with与……熟悉
He was familiar with English and did the translation work well.
118. be famous for因……出名
Bill Gates is famous for his greatest fortune of the world.
119. feel like doing想做……
I don't feel like eating too much.
120. fill in填写
Please fill in the application forms before you go for a interview.
121. find out找出事实真相
I made up mind to find out the truth.
122. be fit for对……合适
She is the very person who is fit for the position.
123. fix up给某人提供住宿;安排
I'll fix you up for the night. Don't worry about that.
My secretary has fixed up a meeting with you.
Please fix your drawers up.
124. be fond of喜欢……
I was very fond of teaching, so I decided to work in a high school as a teacher.
125. set free解放
One of the great contributions Lincoln had made was setting the slaves free.
126. make friends with与……交朋友
She was very popular, and she had made lots of friends after she moved to the new school.
127. be full of充满……
The hall was full of crowds of people.
128. make fun of开……的玩笑
Never make fun of the disabled people.
129. get along with与……相处
She is getting along with her studies and new friends well.
130. get away逃走
Two of the prisoners got away.
131. get back回来
You can arrange you time yourself after school as long as you get back before 10p.m.
132. get close to接近
In order to be a famous actor, he tried to get close to those movie stars.
133. get down下车
Remember to get down after three stops.
134. get down to集中精力做……
I should get down to my work after the long holiday.
135. get in(表示火车)进站;收割
Th train got in five minutes early.
Farmers get in harvest in September.
136. get in touch with与……取得联系
I've lost my phone book, so I can't get in touch with my old friends.
137. get into the habit of形成某种习惯
After coming here, I've got into the habit of getting up early in the morning.
138. get married结婚
He has got married and has the twins.
139. get off
We got off immediately after breakfast.
She got off the scarf after getting in.
140. get rid of摆脱,除掉
We should get rid of bad habits.
141. get though接通;通过(考试);
I rang you several times yesterday but couldn't get through.
Tom failed but his sister got through.
142. get together聚会
We got together to celebrate the New Year's Day.
143. give a talk作演讲
A well known expert is supposed to give a talk tomorrow afternoon.
144. give advice提建议
We need friends to give advice.
145. give back还回
You should give back what you've borrowed.
146. give birth to生育
The mother panda gave birth to two baby pandas yesterday.
147. give in让步,退让
The rebels were forced to give in.
Mary usually has to give in to her big brother.
148. give off放出(某种气体、光、射线等)
The special matter gives off radiation.
149. give out消耗尽;分发
Our food supplies began to give out.
Her patience gave out.
Please help me to give out the books.
150. give up放弃
Don't give up when you get in trouble.
151. go ahead向前,前进
Don't mind it. Please go ahead.
152. go bad变质
Food is easy to go bad in summer.
153. go by经过
Time went by slowly.
154. go for a walk去散步
Let's go for a walk after dinner.
155. go off(指枪)走火;(食物)变坏;(演员)下场
The gun went off by accident.
This milk has gone off.
Hamlet goes off.
156. go on继续
Don't stop. Go on please.
How much longer will the hot weather go on?
157. go on doing sth.继续做某事
Never give up! Go on trying.
I hope it won't go on raining all day.
158. go on with one's work继续某人的工作
Let's stop here today. We'll go on with our work tomorrow.
159. go out(灯)熄灭;参加社交活动
There was a power cut and all the lights went out.
She still goes out a great deal, even at seventy-five.
160. go through浏览;翻找;经历(苦难)
Go through all the exercises before you start the listening practice.
The police went through the pockets of the suspected thief.
My grandfather is a real man who has gone through hardships.
161. go up上升