he often (listen) his singing listen用什么形式

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he often (listen) his singing listen用什么形式
he often (listen) his singing listen用什么形式

he often (listen) his singing listen用什么形式
He often (listen) his singing listen.
应使用 listens to
listen to sth.



he often (listen) his singing listen用什么形式 He often listen to music after school. he often (listen) to music after school完形填空 He often listen to the (r.) in his spare time. what music does he often( a.listen to b.l He often plays soccer and listen加不加S?to music. (英语)把下面的句子改为一般疑问句.He often reads newspapers every day.She goes to school by bike.It often comes to my house.My father sometimes watch TV.Tom often listen to music. Jack often ____(listen)to the radio Jim is flying a kite in the park.(用 often改写)Listen to the radio.(否定句) He works very hard.(感叹句) listen.cheng tao is walking about how often he does these activities.怎么翻译? 翻译;我有些药给你 L( )( )some medicine ( )you He often ( )(listen)music He often dances in his room , and often _______ music.A.listenB.listensC.listen toD.listens to He often plays the plano.(一般疑问句)答案是Doesn's hi plays the piano? I often listen to music.(对划线部分提问)often划线了.( )( )do you listen to music? 用( )内动词的一般现在时完成下列句子,要快,快I (live)in Beijing.He (watch)television erening.LI Hong often(listen) to the radio.I sometimes(go)to bed early.We often (have) breadfast at this hotel. (1)I often listen to tapes to i_____my listening skills.(2)He's been singing for five years.(改为同义句)He began to sing_____ _____ _____. People didn't _____ the teacher in class sometimesh.So he was often _____trouble.A.hear;intoB.listen to;in C.hear;in D.listen;into (两个空) do you listen to it?I often listen to it 求那两个空怎么填?