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Jane Eyre — A Beautiful Soul(简爱)
Jane Eyre, is a poor but aspiring, small in body but huge in soul, obscure but self-respecting girl. After we close the covers of the book, after having a long journey of the spirit, Jane Eyre, a marvelous figure, has left us so much to recall and to think:
We remember her goodness: for someone who lost arms and blinded in eyes, for someone who despised her for her ordinariness, and even for someone who had hurt her deeply in the past.
We remember her pursuit of justice. It’s like a companion with the goodness. But still, a virtuous person should promote the goodness on one side and must check the badness on the other side.
We remember her self-respect and the clear situation on equality. In her opinion, everyone is the same at the God’s feet. Though there are differences in status、in property and also in appearance, but all the human being are equal in personality.
We also remember her striving for life, her toughness and her confidence…
When we think of this girl, what she gave us was not a pretty face or a transcendent temperament that make us admire deeply, but a huge charm of her personality.
Her story makes us thinking about life and we learn much from her experience, at least, that is a fresh new recognition of the real beauty.
Learn to love and care(雾都孤儿)
Here I am sitting on a couch alone, thinking about what I have just finished reading with tears of sadness filling my eyes and fire of indignation filling my heart, which revived my exhausted soul that has already been covered by the cruelty and the selfishness of the secular world for a long time. It is truly what I felt after reading Oliver Twist, written by the prominent British author Charles Dickens.
The resonance between me and the book makes me feel not only the kindness and the wickedness of all the characters in the novel, but what this aloof society lacks, and what I lack deep inside. These supreme resources I’m talking about right now are somewhat different from minerals, oil that we usually mention. They’re abstract like feelings, and some kinds of spiritual stimulation that all of us desire anxiously from one another —— love and care.
Those charitable figures whom Dickens created in the novel are really what we need in life. They showed love and care to others, just as the gentle rain from the sky fell upon the earth, which was carved into my heart deeply.
Mr. Brownlow is one such person.
The other day he had one of his elaborate watches stolen by two skilled teenage thieves, Artful Dodger and Charley Bates, and thought naturally it was Oliver, who was an orphan and forced to live with a gang of thieves, that had done it because he was the only one near by after the theft had taken place. Being wrathful, he caught Oliver, and sent him to the police station where the ill-tempered, unfair magistrates worked. Fortunately for him, Oliver was proved innocent by one onlooker afterwards. With sympathy, Mr. Brownlow took the injured, poor Oliver to his own home. There Oliver lived freely and gleefully for some months as if he were Mr. Brownlow’s own son. One day, however, Mr. Brownlow asked Oliver to return some books to the bookseller and to send some money for the new books that he had already collected. The thief Oliver once stayed with kidnapped him. After that he disappeared in Mr. Brownlow’s life. Searching for a while, Mr. Brownlow had to believe the fact that he had run away with his money. But dramatically, they came across each other again a few years later. Without hesitation, Mr. Brownlow took Oliver home for the second time not caring if he had done something evil.
Perhaps most of us would feel confused about Mr. Brownlow’s reaction. But as a matter of fact, this is just the lesson we should learn from him. Jesus said in the Bible. “Forgive not seven times, but seventy-times seven.” Why is that? Because forgiveness is our ability to remove negative thoughts and neutralize them so our energy may be spent on doing what we came here for. We cannot move forward in our future if past issues cloud our thinking. Stop put Mr. Brownlow into the list of your models. Always give people a second chance no matter what they might have done. That’s also a substantial part of loving and caring others.
Charles Dickens said:“Love makes the world go around.” These immortal words have inspired and will keep on inspiring us to chant the melody of love and to say the prayer of care forevermore. Let us, therefore, enjoy life and treat other people lovingly. These principles are the roots and foundations of beliefs supporting this article and our mission together.
Pride and Prejudice (傲慢与偏见)
Many people simply regard Pride and Prejudice as a love story, but in my opinion, this book is an illustration of the society at that time. She perfectly reflected the relation between money and marriage at her time and gave the people in her works vivid characters.
The characters have their own personalities. Mrs. Bennet is a woman who makes great efforts to marry off her daughters. Mr. Bingley is a friendly young man, but his friend, Mr. Darcy, is a very proud man who seems to always feel superior. Even the five daughters in Bennet family are very different. Jane is simple, innocent and never speaks evil of others. Elizabeth is a clever girl who always has her own opinion. Mary likes reading classic books. (Actually she is a pedant.) Kitty doesn’t have her own opinion but likes to follow her sister, Lydia. Lydia is a girl who follows exotic things, handsome man, and is somehow a little profligate. When I read the book, I can always find the same personalities in the society now. That is why I think this book is indeed the representative of the society in Britain in the 18th century.
The family of gentleman in the countryside is Jane Austen’s favourite topic. But this little topic can reflect big problems. It concludes the stratum situation and economic relationships in Britain in her century. You can find these from the very beginning of this book.
Austen left this problem for us to think. The genius of Jane Austen lies in this perfect simplicity, the simplicity that reflects big problems. Although Austen was only 21 when she wrote “Pride and Prejudice”, her sharp observation of social lives makes the style of this book surprisingly mature and lively. The plots in her works are always very natural. The development of the plot is as inevitable as a problem in mathematics. I think the depth of Pride and Prejudice is the reason that makes this book prominent and classic. Today, her book still can be the guide telling us the economic relationships both at her time and in modern time.
Leave Dead Man Island(亡灵岛)
Carol was once a happy and sunshiny girl. But after her father died in a plane crash, she became bad and took drugs. She had secrets in her heart and didn’t want others to know them. When Carol went to an island, she found the host had a bigger secret than hers: he had killed a girl in a car crash. So he needed an island to hide himself.
This is the story in Dead Man’s Island.
I think everybody has done something wrong and wants to keep the secrets in his or her heart. But do you know, even if we can escape from others’ eyes, we can’t escape from our own hearts.
I had been told a story like this: A woman felt ill and she went to see a doctor. The doctor examined her carefully and told the woman, ‘There is a tumor in your uterus. You’d better take an operation immediately.’ The woman agreed.
When the doctor cut open the woman’s abdomen, he got such a big surprise—there was a baby in the uterus, not a tumor. The doctor was sweating all over.
‘What to do? Take out the baby, or told the woman’s husband that it was just a tumor?’ ‘But … I am a doctor!’ He thought.
At last, the doctor sewed up the woman’s abdomen. When he told the woman’s husband the truth, the man didn’t move for a while. But then, the man jumped to the doctor, shouting at him. He was so angry and wanted to hit the doctor.
After the accident, a friend of the doctor’s asked him ‘Why did you do so? If you took out the baby, no one knows.’
‘But I know!’ said the doctor.
I have a very similar experience. That was a Monday, I was cleaning the classroom after school. John, my friend came up to me. He was looking for my maths teacher. But the teacher had been after work. So I told John to come again the next day. I said to myself, if I met the maths teacher, I would tell him that John had been looking for him.
When I was on my way home, I just looked at the ground, thinking about something. At that moment, my maths teacher came towards me and passed by. When I realized that, it was too late. The teacher had gone far away.
At night, when I was lying on the bed, my brain was full of the thing happened in the afternoon. The next day, John would find the maths teacher and not think about me, just as nothing happened. But I felt sorry for John. I wanted to do something for him, but I didn’t. Nobody knew what my idea was, but I knew.
Many things like the dead man on the island. After the crash, he made himself ‘dead’ and hid on the island. Maybe, he made others forget the crash, forget himself, but he couldn’t forget. He always felt remorseful and locked himself in his heart house.
What others think is not important, we should listen to ourselves.
I think every one may face sad things, like relatives’ death, missing the good high school, losing your best friends. Sometimes we feel cross and often ask ‘Why does the God do this to me?’
To let oneself feel better, we maybe do more wrong things. But happy and free time is transient. After that, we will have ourselves, hate life, hate everybody.
We want to forget, but can’t. more and more secrets are hidden in hearts. We close our window, and it is dark inside. Old days follow us forever, how we wanted the ‘man’ in the past can die. Nothing matters. Sadness is filled in our body. We live just like a dead man.
Escaping can do nothing. Beginning a new life is the most important, take sadness but live strongly.
When Carol left Dead Man island, I think she knew this all. The host influenced her. Don’t be remorseful any more, face new life, no hiding, no giving up the beautiful life, show the world a real self.
Leave Dead Man’s Island, let a bunch of sunshine get into your heart house.
Shakspere (wrong spelling) created Hamlet--a man with wisdom and courage .In order to revenge on his uncle for killing his father, he pretented (spelling mistake) to be mad and suffered a series of misery. On the contrary, we can also say that Hamlet is rude and selfish for he did not think twice before his revenge . if (Capitalize "If" since it is the beginning word of the sentence.) a country has no king, how can a country keep alive (You need a question mark here since it is a question.) So, every thing has two sides, the bright side and adumbral side. Every time we make a decision we have to think twice.
Be careful with your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Too many uncessary mistakes.
It is good that you looked at both the dark and bright sides of Hamlet. Thats quite objective and convincing.

试试 狄更斯的 大卫 科波菲尔 看看书虫系列的缩写版
简介 它是一部半自传体的小说,它的成就超过了狄更斯所有其他作品。它通过一个孤儿的不幸遭遇描绘了一幅广阔而五光十色的社会画面,揭露了资产阶级对劳动人民的剥削,司法界的黑暗腐败和议会对人民的欺压。作品塑造了不同阶层的典型人物,特别是劳动者的形象,表现了作者对弱小者的深切同情。作者还企图通过大卫·科波菲尔的最后成功鼓舞人们保持对生活的信心,极...


试试 狄更斯的 大卫 科波菲尔 看看书虫系列的缩写版
简介 它是一部半自传体的小说,它的成就超过了狄更斯所有其他作品。它通过一个孤儿的不幸遭遇描绘了一幅广阔而五光十色的社会画面,揭露了资产阶级对劳动人民的剥削,司法界的黑暗腐败和议会对人民的欺压。作品塑造了不同阶层的典型人物,特别是劳动者的形象,表现了作者对弱小者的深切同情。作者还企图通过大卫·科波菲尔的最后成功鼓舞人们保持对生活的信心,极力培养读者的人道主义观点。这部小说最后仍以一切圆满作为结局,表现了作者的一贯思想。
下面是一个例子 可能有点难 但可以启发一下

It is the same as read other novels of Dickens' too to read" David Copperfield", People feel every personage ——From protagonist to warder not speaking ——It is ready to appear , lifelike. This because Dickens very much can play up angry to a great extent Atmosphere, the method is that the detail is delineated. At the time of writing to Mr.Murdstone teach David such as him, have published a question in this way: "If I go to the cheese shop to buy 4,000 pieces of extra quality cheese in Gloucester ……" he will it shows to be" extra quality cheese of Gloucester" in detail only, but this set off appear personality of Mr.Murdstone vividly even more just ——Mechanical, intend to embarrass David. He describes David's banquet, each kind of vegetables is not described well at all in it, Whether and this it make people unable to feel even more vivid too,like in among. Can enter silk enter and deduct detail of describing, it is obvious Dickens one outsight and realize strength better people more like this. He draws support from his pen Tell reader abundant impression of him whether make readers rise and fall of the happiness, anger, grief and joy with him.
Many child on reading the book, think book this for what child write .Because of Dickens Colored attention, in a lot of places , he comes to describe the personage and things in terms of a child, Enable child to appreciate thoroughly, feel that this is written for them .But,walk out people childhood after at the time of the book not stressed, can find these every one far than staying by we the memories for being heavy, make even more by people a sentimental book. .Novel lovely nurse Peggotty, harsh cruel and ferocious stepfatherMr.Murdstone and seemingly serious but good-natured old woman of aunt, Leaves the unforgettable impression on readers .The protagonist's growth road is bumpy and indignant, full of twists and turns or ups and downs Have fully shown difficulty and bitterness that ordinary people seek survival under the abominable environment .